Print On Demand Charts

We are fast approaching the 10 year anniversary of the broad availability of nautical charts that can be printed on demand. POD is the acronym that the Marine industry uses to describe paper charts that are corrected and up-to-date with the latest notices to mariners that update navigation aids on the charts.

While the National Ocean Service ( NOS), a division of NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration pioneered POD starting 15 years ago, now Bluewater Books and Charts is able to print on demand not just US government charts, ( NOS, US domestic waters and NGA, foreign waters) but also does POD of the United kingdom Hydrographic Office charts on a dedicated printer at its Fort Lauderdale, Florida location. Soon Bluewater will be able to print POD nautical charts for the Canadian Hydrographic Office as well.

The advantage for both the professional and recreational mariner is they now has access to corrected and up-to-date charts to ensure safe passage in all oceans of the world.